Ambition Trumps Risk

I have served with many managers, leaders, supervisors, and commanders, some great, some not. The vast majority of them rely on positional power, few understood any power outside of legitimate power, but we all depend on the power given by those directly above us. Because we all don’t have referent power, this is where theContinue reading “Ambition Trumps Risk”

The Introvert Extraction! Four Tactics to Help You Rise to Their Level

Do you have an introvert that rarely contributes to the conversation? You know they are smart and have good ideas because they bring these ideas to you on occasion. But when you look to them in your time of need, they don’t deliver. Perhaps it’s your approach? Maybe you have been indirectly taught through outwardsContinue reading “The Introvert Extraction! Four Tactics to Help You Rise to Their Level”

New to the Organization? Five Tangible Steps to Organizational Management

Below are five steps to take to help start you off on the right foot when taking a management position in a new organization. 1. Observe the Organization. Take time to understand the processes and most importantly the people. When you are new to the organization or even a new position in the same organization,Continue reading “New to the Organization? Five Tangible Steps to Organizational Management”

What is Your Purpose? Here’s How to Find it!

Wake up in the morning, go to work, go to lunch, go home, watch TV, eat dinner, and go to bed. Repeat the process daily and pray for the weekend to come as fast as possible! Why is it that we are so much more willing to live in Groundhog’s Day instead of taking controlContinue reading “What is Your Purpose? Here’s How to Find it!”

The Rent to Own Organization

I had a supervisor (Bob) that used to ask, “Are you a renter or an owner”? It seems like a crazy question in the context of organizational management, so I would usually say “I rent my house, but own my car!” After that, I would usually get his famous LOD (Look Of Disapproval). The lookContinue reading “The Rent to Own Organization”

Perfection is Dumb

There was a speaker we were invited to listen to at my organization. The topic of his speech was perfection, namely, the pursuit of perfection. He believed and wrote a book with the premise that to achieve excellence we must use perfection as the goal. Anything less than aiming for perfection is acceptance of mediocrity.Continue reading “Perfection is Dumb”