Micromanagement & Delegation

There are few things worse than a manager who delegates then micromanages the task. Micromanagement is an indicator that the relationship lacks trust. Trust = autonomy + confidence. If you have confidence in the person you task and give them autonomy to complete the task it means you trust them. Delegation is widely underused, especiallyContinue reading “Micromanagement & Delegation”

How to Lead – 5 Musts of Leadership –

There are thousands of books on leadership, thousands of opinions, and thousands of theories. Some are complicated, others simple. The thing about leadership is that ideas and opinions are great, but knowing about leadership and being a leader are not even close to the same thing. The real game is in the execution. If youContinue reading “How to Lead – 5 Musts of Leadership –”

Transparent Organization? (What are you hiding…)

Meriam-Webster defines transparent as “free from pretense or deceit.” Pretense is defined as “an inadequate or insincere attempt to attain a certain condition or quality.” And deceit is defined as “the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid.” So essentially, being transparent means to be open andContinue reading “Transparent Organization? (What are you hiding…)”

Stubborn Leaders Murder Culture *Even When They Make the Right Decisions*

Try changing someone’s mind. Even trying with a trivial matter, is formidable. Now try changing your boss’s mind. Add in the authority, experience, and most likely an emotional connection to a process or product and the task becomes virtually impossible. Even in the face of substantial evidence, hard data, and consensus among the rest ofContinue reading “Stubborn Leaders Murder Culture *Even When They Make the Right Decisions*”