Confrontation for Dummies – 3 Steps to Help

The problem with confrontation is that it is freaking scary!   We all have those people we supervise that are confident, charismatic, witty, and difficult to deal with. When it becomes necessary to address the behavior of these individuals, it can become difficult. They normally have plenty of excuses and can talk their way out ofContinue reading “Confrontation for Dummies – 3 Steps to Help”

Don’t Hate, Appreciate!

A person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. I forget where I read that, probably on the never-ending interwebs or a book…never the less, I still feel appreciation is the most underutilized tool in a leader’s toolbox. Perhaps calling it a tool or tactic is wrong. It really should be a lifestyle, something youContinue reading “Don’t Hate, Appreciate!”

When to Battle (The Art of Effective Leadership)

We have all heard the saying, “Pick your battles wisely.” It is phenomenal advice and is great to think about, but is frustrating and difficult to apply to real situations. So, when do you fight and when do you concede and go along with others ideas? Let’s explore this topic. Don’t battle everything. Picking whenContinue reading “When to Battle (The Art of Effective Leadership)”