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Key Success Factors in Project Management

Although the core concepts of project
management remain the same in terms of Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Risk, there are some common practices that can influence the outcome of each project. Examples of those success factors are as follows:
Aligning strategy and projects to ensure that the project contributes to the organization’s strategic goals.
Understanding the project’s scope and
objectives will determine the amount of work needed to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of the project’s deliverables.
Identifying stakeholders early while also gaining their support, expectations, and agreement will improve the project’s success.
Involving the project team ensures effective communication and determines roles and
Tracking a project’s progress is a key performance measure.
Managing changes helps the project
manager to allocate resources accordingly.
Identifying risks enables the project manager to manage each risk and lessen its impact.
◆ Documenting key lessons learned as they occur allows the project team to apply those lessons during the project delivery.
Applying these success factors and best
practices in project management can
provide higher standards of performance in project delivery.
Project management is a team sport!

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