Robert E. Wood To find a potential leader in an organization, we usually do not have to go very far. Just about the time you think there aren’t any candidates to fill a leadership position, a guy like me comes along and tries to help you see the not-so-obvious. Leaders are all around us, theyContinue reading “THE LEADER IN THE MIRROR”

Be Where Your Feet Are!

I was recently in a training class and there were just shy of 50 participants. There were 5 ‘participants’ that never looked away from their laptop. They were totally disengaged from the learning opportunity. They wasted their time, the instructors’ time and distracted from the learning opportunity. Their actions suggested they were busier and moreContinue reading “Be Where Your Feet Are!”

Skill vs. Will

My high school football coach would say, “is it a skill issue or a will issue?” I borrowed this question and the meaning behind it and applied to my leadership and management arsenal. My coach took a simple question and turned it into a mantra of our team. This mantra enabled freedom and that freedomContinue reading “Skill vs. Will”

The New Generation Sucks

I can’t even count the number of times I have heard this or other similar statements from fellow leaders and managers. I always laugh, and they take that like I think they are joking. I know they aren’t joking; I am simply reminded of when I was 19 years old, new to the Air ForceContinue reading “The New Generation Sucks”